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Diemel, Nelson, Loomis, Vandy & Wold Post CLS Wins!

07/22/2013, 7:30am CDT
By Jamie Nutzmann

Race Results 07/20/2013


Late Model

Heat 1: Darrell Nelson, Jake Redetzke, Rick Hanestad, Greg Nippoldt, John Kaanta, Chris Olson, Rick Nelson, Bryan Wennen, Steve Laursen

Heat 2: AJ Diemel, Brent Larson, Chad Mahder, Jeff Keeney, Mike Bear, Pat Doar, Jim Carlson, Randy Gullixson, Adam Hensel

Feature: Diemel, Mahder, Larson, D. Nelson, Redetzke, Hanestad, Kaanta, Hensel, Doar, Nippoldt, Keeney, Olson, Bear, R. Nelson, Wennen, Carlson, Gullixson, Laursen

Diemel lead every lap for his 4th career LM win at CLS and his second in a row. Mahder charged after him on the last few laps, but Diemel held him off.

7 cars finished on the lead lap in the non-stop 30 lapper.



Heat 1: Darrell Nelson, Jeremy Houle, Jason Gross, Terry Hanson, Ted Marrs, Jim Weeks, Scott Splittstoesser, Bryan Hessler

Heat 2: Branson Jensen, Trent Follmer, Shaun Kelley, Ashley Anderson, Adam Hensel, Jake Miller, Cory Williams, Chris Loberg

Feature: Nelson, Jensen, Follmer, Kelley, Hensel, Gross, Houle, Hanson, Williams, Marrs, Hessler, Loberg, Weeks, Miller, Anderson, Splittstoesser

Nelson lead every lap for his 3rd Mod win of the season at CLS, pulling him into 5th on the all time win list with 15 career Modified victories here. He is one shy of Ron Jones.


Pro Stocks

Heat 1: Ben Hanke, Ryan Wiome, Marcus Simonson, Tim Borgeson, Cory Davis, Bruce Schouveller, Jeff Beer, Brian Weber, Chris Gorka

Heat 2: Mike Hesselink, Cody Campeau, Randy Davis, Ryan Gangl, Dustin Sanders, Larry Boumeester, Mike Raboin, Brian Lick, Mike Loomis

Feature: Loomis, C. Davis, Borgeson, Wiome, Hesselink, Schouveller, Boumeester, Hanke, R. Davis, Simonson, Lick, Sanders, Campeau, Gorka, Weber, Beer, Gangl, Raboin

Loomis stormed from 18th to win his 7th Pro Stock feature of the year here in 8 starts. Davis, Borgeson and Loomis had a great race up front.


Midwest Modifieds

Heat 1: Jim Giossi, Ryan Olson, Jason Schill, David Swearingen, Bill Stettner, Chase Friendt, Cody Borgeson, Elizabeth Toepper, Dan Larson

Heat 2: Jason VandeKamp, Josh Bazey, Dean Grube, Mike Spraguer, Miranda Carlson, Doug Toepper, Jacob Toepper, Jared Gorka, Ryan Hensel

Heat 3: Erik Herbison, Vince Corbin, Justin Tanner, Shawn Carlson, Jeff Klopstein Jr., Patrick Kelley, Al Stettner, Mark Thomas

Feature: VandeKamp, Herbison, Bazey, Olson, Corbin, Hensel, Borgeson, S. Carlson, Giossi, B. Stettner, D. Toepper, Grube, M. Carlson, J. Toepper, Spraguer, Kelley, Gorka, E. Toepper, Swearingen, Klopstein Jr, Larson, Schill, Friendt, Tanner, Thomas, A. Stettner

VandeKamp withstood heavy pressure from Herbison and Olson to win his 16th career MWM feature here at CLS, putting him first all time on the all time MWM win list. Hensel came from 26th to 6th.



Heat 1: Jerry Hanson, Charles Eckl, Samantha Yarusso, Natalie Rogers, Crawford McDowell, Robert McDowell

Heat 2: Kris Kaphing, Barret Hammond, Buddy Hanestad, Bryce Wold, Jim Wallruff, Ben Peterson


Hornet feature: Wold, Kaphing, hanson, Hanestad, Rogers, Peterson, Wallruff, C. McDowell, R. McDowell, Hammond, Yarusso, Eckl

Wold (in a Cedar Lake Speedway rental hornet) raced from 8th to win a photo finish with Kaphing in a wild Hornet feature event...




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