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Night of Destruction

Thank you for your interest in the annual Eve of Destruction at Cedar Lake Speedway.  Each year the event brings a ton of excitement and entertainment to the community.  Below are a few examples of the entertainment you will experience at this great annual event.  Tickets are always just $12 for adults and $6 for kids age 6-16 (5 and under free).   We look forward to seeing you there!

Eve of Destruction Events:

SPECTATOR DRAG RACING! After success last year, we are bringing this back! 1 on 1 street legal car, truck or van with 4,6 or 8 cylinders! 1 lap races around the 3/8 mile clay track... BRING IT ON!

MONSTER TRUCKS! Car Crushing, Big Air and More....Don't miss these Big Wheeled Monsters!

DEATH DEFYING STUNTS! Performed by WILDMAN Clay Gallagher! We never know what he is going to amaze us with! Will there be fire, car jumps, rollovers?! Stay tuned and we'll keep you posted!

DIRT CAR RACING! The night wouldn't be complete at CEDAR LAKE SPEEDWAY unless you've seen some spectacular racing from top notch drivers! Enjoy some action packed racing as our Traditional Sprint Cars and Pro Stocks do battle on the high banks!

There will be other events and surprises in addition to the already listed jam-packed night of thrills and spills. The grandstands will open at 5:00 with action scheduled to start at 6:00 p.m.

Cedar Lake Speedway Spectator Drag Race Details

Spectator Drag Race Rules:

1. Street legal 4,6 or 8 cylinder car, truck or van is eligible. Shoulder and lap belt are required. Helmet, long sleeve shirt
and pants are manditory. No passangers allowed.
2. All types of vehichles will race together.  Each race will be
one on one. The winner of each bracket will advance to the next round until the last two vehicles remain in their class.
The final 2 competitors will race 1 lap to determain the overall winner.
3. Start at the flagstand, vehicles will be at a dead stop. Each race will be 1 lap around the track. Winner moves on and loser
exits the track and pit area.
4. Brackets will be determained by the number of participants in each class.
5. Cedar lake Speedway can not be held liable for personal injury or damage to the vehicle.

Purse: $100 will be given to the overall winner.

Purchasing a pit pass is not required but you will be required to sign an insurance waiver.

Cedar Lake Speedway Trailer Race Details

Trailer Race Rules:

1. Any full-size car, small van or pickup truck is eligible. No 4-wheel drives! Shoulder and lap belt required. Helmet, long sleeve shirts and pants and gloves are mandatory. Fire suit and gloves recommended. All glass (except front windshield), lights and mirrors must be removed.
2. Overall trailer length: 14 ft. minimum and 20 ft. maximum. Trailer cannot be rigged to self-destruct, leaving only frame to continue racing and must be able to race without falling apart. If trailer is rigged, that driver will be disqualified.
3. Travel trailer/pop-up camper, boat or whatever on a trailer is eligible.
4. Boats must be strapped to trailer. Boats must be gutted. No motors, fuel tanks or out drives allowed.
5. Travel trailer/campers must be completely cleaned out inside, removing everything that is not part of unit (i.e., pots/pans, clothes, silverware, trash, household items or anything that is not a permanent part of trailer as manufactured. Pop-ups must be raced in fully extended/popped up position.
6. All appliances and heating/cooling units must be removed.
7. Glass must be removed.
8. Tongue must be attached to tow vehicle by hitch and ball, free pivoting. Safety chains and equalizer bars are not allowed.
9. Ballast or weight cannot be added.
10. Mascots, decorating vehicles, advertising nicknames, cartoons, etc. are encouraged. No suggestive language, symbols or numbers allowed on vehicles. Anything on the vehicle in bad taste will mean disqualification.

Object of Race:

Finish race with your trailer attached while trying to separate the trailers of your competitors from their two vehicle. If you lose your trailer, you will be disqualified and you will be black-flagged. If you hit another tow vehicle with your vehicle, you will be disqualified immediately. Length of race is at least 10 laps unless only one trailer/tow vehicle combo remains intact. In that event, they will be declared the winner.

$500 to win the Trailer Race this Year!

Trailer Race Purse:

Winner:  $500
All other competitors:  $100 each*

You MUST pre-register to be eligible for any payout. No registration fee is required but must pay pit pass and sign insurance waiver. Sign up now by calling 612-363-0479!  Race lineup determined by draw.