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First Time Winners at CLS!

A Night Of Firsts At Cedar Lake Speedway

New Richmond, WI (6-23-12)

By: Greg Parent

A pleasant summer evening turned out to be a night of firsts at the Cedar Lake Speedway on Saturday June 23. Winning his first NASCAR Pro Stock feature at the track, Shawn Kammerud topped Rich Bishop in an exciting finish. Scott Duvall then won his first-ever CLS feature in the NASCAR Modified main event. Eric Schultz took his first Hornet win in the next feature race. Steve Laursen, who has numerous career feature wins at Cedar Lake, rounded out the evening with his first 2012 NASCAR Late Model victory at the track. Only Ryan Olson repeated, for the fourth time this season in the NASCAR Midwest Modifieds, in the first feature of the evening.One more notable event took place for the first time as well. Two Hornets, from the same racing team, rolled over during the evening. Heather Adams rolled several times in her heat race while Matt Raboin rolled over on the opening lap of the feature. Both cars came from the Raboin Racing stable. Fortunately both drivers were okay.

The first feature of the evening saw 22 NASCAR Midwest Modifieds line up for 20 racing laps. Scott Splittstoesser and Ryan Olson paced the field. The race was slowed three times under yellow during the first eight laps and then went 12 laps nonstop to the checkers. Splittstoesser led the first two laps before Olson thundered by. Fifth starter Dan Wheeler had worked his way to second when the third and final caution waved for Josh Bazey. Wheeler challenged Olson for a few laps, but Olson was up to the task and went on to record his fourth win of the season in six attempts. Wheeler finished second. Defending track champion, Eric Herbison, was making his first start of the season rode home in third. Jordan Hessler and Tony Schill rounded out the top five. Bazey restarted 18th after his spin eight laps into the race, and he drove past twelve cars in the 12 lap run to the finish to garner the sixth place position. Splittstoesser, David Swearingen, Jason Haugerud and Douglas Toepper completed the top ten.

Although the NASCAR Pro Stock main event ended up being a yellow fever crash-fest, the racing for the top spots was very good and ultimately provided an exciting final lap. The 23 starting grid was pared down considerably by the time the checkers waved in their 20 lap feature. Rich Bishop and Shawn Kammerud brought the field to the green. It only took one lap before the first of several cautions flew. Kammerud led the first couple of laps before defending track champion Cory Davis snuck past. Kammerud returned the favor on lap four, but Davis was back up front for the next two circuits. Bishop resurfaced and took the lead on lap seven.Under caution with nine laps scored in the Pro Stock main event, Davis suddenly pulled off the track while running second. Bishop continued to lead through more cautions until Kammerud, who had dropped back as far as fourth place, regained the lead on lap 14. Kammerud looked like he was pulling away a bit, but a bobble in turn four on lap 19 allowed Bishop to pull under him for the lead at the white flag. Kammerud motored back around Bishop exiting turn two on the high side and went on to record an exciting win. It was Kammerud's third career Pro Stock win, but it was his first at Cedar Lake. Bishop finished second ahead of Adam Ayotte, Lance Schilling, Mike Mueller, Cody Campeau, Brad Johnson, and Ben Hainke as only eight cars survived to the finish.

The NASCAR Modified main was up next with 19 cars taking the green for 20 laps. Mike Gibson and Scott Duvall were on the front row. Gibson grabbed the early lead over Duvall with positions changing hands constantly behind the leaders. The race was under yellow four laps in. Rick Kobs was up to third at this point and took second from Duvall one lap later. Kobs raced by Gibson for the lead on lap six and held the top spot until lap nine when Duvall took over. The final caution flew for Mike Gibson with 11 laps in. Gibson's car need wrecker assistance. Gibson was disqualified for an on-track incident which ensued.

The final nine lap race to the checkers in the Modified feature saw Brent Larson duck under Kobs for second on lap 12. Larson closed in on Duvall, but was unable to make the pass for the lead. Duvall took his first-ever career feature win at CLS. Larson, Kobs, seven time track champion Craig Thatcher, and Jason Gross rounded out the top five. Completing the top ten were Doug Gustafson in his first appearance of the season, Jason Miller, Cory Williams, Scott Splittstoesser and Terry Hanson.

Following an opening lap rollover and red flag for Matt Raboin, the 12 lap Hornet feature went nonstop to the finish. Eric Schultz led all 12 laps to earn his first win of the season in his first appearance. Jack Purcell, current point leader Brent Voeltz, Barret Hammond and Todd Tachney completed the top five finishers in the sixteen car field.

The final event of the evening would pit 20 NASCAR ground-pounding Late Models for 30 laps around the 3/8 mile high-banked oval. Jim Carlson and Steve Laursen brought the field to the green. The first of two yellows blinked on just one lap into the race when Carlson looped his car in front of most of the field in turn two. All cars avoided him and the race was back under green again. It was all Steve Laursen up front, as cars battled for positions behind the leader. A final caution at the halfway mark gave Brent Larson a chance to pull up behind Steve Laursen. Brent briefly challenged Steve for a couple of laps, but Steve Laursen went on to record his first CLS win of the season. John Kaanta eventually got by Larson on lap 24 to finish second. Larson was third in front of defending track champion Rick Hanestad and Eric Breeschoten. Completing the top ten were 13-time track champion Rick Egersdorf, 18th starter Mike Nutzmann, Nick Herrick, Mike Bear and Toby Patchen. Only two cars failed to finish the race.

Racing entertainment continues next Saturday night June 30 at the Cedar Lake Speedway with the annual Night of Destruction featuring trailer races, a demolition derby, and a stunt show. The NASCAR Pro Stocks and Midwest Modifieds are also on the program. Race results, points, ticket information, the 2012 schedule and much more can be found on the Cedar Lake Speedway website at www.cedarlakespeedway.com or call 1-866-CLS-4FUN. The 25th Annual USA Nationals is right around the corner. Good seats still remain, and we do have campsites available. All regular sites are sold out, but you can reserve a site in our expanded campground by calling 612-363-0479. Don't wait - they are going fast!

NASCAR Late Models

Heat 1- John Kaanta, Eric Breeschoten, Jim Carlson, Nick Herrick, Rick Egersdorf, Toby Patchen, Doug Herrick
Heat 2- Mike Bear, Brent Larson, Dennis Larson, Randy Gullixson, Greg Nippoldt, Brayn Wennen, Mike Raboin
Heat 3- AJ Diemel, Rick Hanestad, Steve Laursen, Kerry Hanson, Caley Emerson, Mike Nutzmann
Feature- Laursen, Kaanta, Larson, Hanestad, Breeschoten, Egersdorf, Nutzmann, Herrick, Bear, Patchen, Carlson, Larson, Herrick, Emerson, Hanson, Gullixson, Nippoldt, Wennen, Raboin, Diemel

NASCAR Modifieds

Heat 1- Craig Thatcher, Scott Duvall, Jake Miller, Mike Gibson, Luke Schilling, Bryan Hessler, Ted Marrs, Don Brightbill, Dagan Heim
Heat 2- Brent Larson, Cory Williams, Jason Gross, Scott Splittstoesser, Rick Kobs, Jason Miller, Doug Gustafson, Kevin Viebrock, Terry Hanson
Feature- Duvall, Larson, Kobs, Thatcher, Gross, Gustafson, Miller, Williams, Splittstoesser, Hanson, Nutzmann, Hessler, Schilling, Viebrock, Heim, Miller, Brightbill, Marrs

NASCAR Pro Stocks

Heat 1- John Olson, Chris Gorka, Mike Loomis, Adam Ayotte, Jeff Heintz, Lance Schilling, Cory Freiberg, Larry Fitzsimmons, Jake Hiatt
Heat 2- Rich Bishop, Shawn Kammerud, Mike Weber, Mike Mueller, Ryan Wiome, Brian Weber, Cody Campeau, Denny Schouveller
Heat 3- Cory Davis, Kevin Ayotte, Brad Johnson, Todd Carlson, Lyle Archambeau, Mike Hesselink, Chad Dawson, Ben Hainke
Feature- Kammerud, Bishop, Ayotte, Schilling, Mueller, Campeau, Johnson, Hainke, Hesselink, Loomis, Archambeau, Weber, Dawson, Gorka, Davis, Carlson, Schouveller, Freiberg, Ayotte, Heintz, Weber, Wiome

NASCAR Midwest Modifieds

Heat 1- AJ Roschen, Justin Schill, Eric Herbison, Tony Schill, Shawn Carlson, Miranda Carlson, Charlie Wihren, Chase Friendt
Heat 2- Ryan Olson, Dave Swearingen, Jordan Hessler, Dan Wheeler, Dave Schackleton, Jason Haugerud, Doug Toepper, Chris Anderson
Heat 3- Josh Bazey, Scott Splittstoesser, Mike Spraguer, Bonnie Jablonske, Ed Puariea, Ron Jablonske, Jim Raboin
Feature- Olson, Wheeler, Herbison, Hessler, Schill, Bazey, Splittstoesser, Swearingen, Haugerud, Toepper, Spraguer, Carlson, Carlson, Wihren, Puariea, Anderson, Friendt, Schill, Roschen, Shackleton, Jablonske, Raboin

CLS Hornet

Heat 1- Eric Schultz, Jack Purcell, Barrett Hammond, Brent Voeltz, Jerry Hanson, Jess Seim, Oliver Swanson, Joel Kruse
Heat 2- William Voeltz, Todd Tacheny, Charles Eckl, Matt Raboin, Buddy Hanestad, Amber Synowski, Justin Wenstad, Heather Adams
Feature- Schultz, Purcell, Voeltz, Hammond, Tacheny, Voeltz, Kruse, Hanestad, Eckl, Synowski, Wenstad, Raboin