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Fans Fund is Back!


New Richmond, WI (June 14, 2012) The FANS Fund will once again return in 2012 with a bit of a different twist. Unfortunately, Rich Olson, the founder of the FANS Fund, was unable to commit to doing this for 2012 due to family and work obligations so he, along with Bob Kaufman (one of the Cedar Lake Speedway owners) reached out to Tom Emerson and he has graciously accepted the challenge, Tom has been one of many that have assisted Rich since the FAND Fund started in 2008.

With this being the 25th anniversary of the USA Nationals, we decided to do things a little different this year and rally around the theme of “25”. The goal for this year will be to: Obtain 250 people to donate $25 each and invite up to 25 drivers. The financial objectives are to: Raise $6,250 through fan donations and another $6,250 through sponsor donations. If we achieve these financial objectives we’ll be able to invite the top 25 drivers that are voted in and award those that accept and participate in the 25th anniversary running of the USA Nationals with $500 each.

The goal is to award a minimum of $500 to the drivers that are voted in and participate in this year’s USA Nationals. The total dollars raised, final number of drivers invited and the number of drivers that accept the invitation and participate are all variables that could impact the actual amount each driver would receive but $500 would be the minimum. Examples would be: If the goal of $12,500 is achieved and only 10 of the 25 drivers invited accept and participate, $1,250 would be awarded to those 10 drivers. If a total of $10,000 is raised, 20 drivers would be invited instead of 25 assuring that if all 20 accepted and participated they would receive the minimum $500, if only 10 of the 20 drivers accept and participate, $1,000 would be awarded to those 10 drivers.

There will once again be a FANS Fund luncheon held Saturday afternoon of the USA Nationals for those individuals that donate the minimum $25, the specific time is still being worked out to try and accommodate the annual USA Nationals Golf Scramble which is held Saturday morning. The voted in drivers and their teams will also be invited to the luncheon where their share of the funds raised will be presented to them. Door prizes will also be raffled off at the luncheon.

Donations and voting will get underway starting June 15th at the Masters event at Cedar Lake Speedway, donations and voting can also be done online at www.fansfund.com by clicking on the Donations button. Donations and voting will end at midnight July 14th, after this date donations will still be accepted but all voting will cease so we can begin to contact drivers.

The 2012 and 25th Anniversary rendition of the USA Nationals is right around the corner, August 2nd through 4th so if you haven’t already done so, get you tickets soon at www.cedarlakespeedway.com.

Thank you for your past support and we hope you’re willing to support of the FANS Fund once again in 2012!

Tom Emerson, FANS Fund Coordinator 2012