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Race Information

Race Series Details

Motocross Race Day Information

2016/2017 Race Dates:

Dates to be released in September

Race Day Pricing

 Admission (Includes pit access)

Ages 6 and over          $10

Child Age 5 & Under   FREE


Race Entry Fee

Per Entry:                     $35 + admission fee

$10 discount for each additional class over two (ex. 3rd class $25, 4th class $15)





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Races Start


  • 50cc Junior 4-6 (Stock only class)
  • 50cc Senior 7-8 (Stock only class)
  • 50cc Oil Injected 4-8 (Stock only class)
  • 50cc Open 4-8 (Stock only class)
  • 65cc 7-9 (52-65cc 2 stroke/52cc-90cc 4 stroke)
  • 65cc 7-11 (52-65cc 2 stroke/52cc-90cc 4 stroke)
  • 65cc 10-11 (52-65cc 2 stroke/52-90cc 4 stroke)
  • 85cc 9-11 (66-85cc 2 stroke/75-125cc 4 stroke)
  • 85cc 9-12 (66-85cc 2 stroke/75-125cc 4 stroke)
  • 85cc 12-15 (66-85cc 2 stroke/75-125cc 4 stroke)
  • Supermini 12-15 (80-112cc 2 stroke 75cc to 150 cc 4 stroke) (AMA class 15)
  • Schoolboy: 12-16 (86cc-150cc 2 stroke/ 150-250cc 4 stroke)
  • 250cc A ($)*, B, C ages 12+ 122cc–250cc 2 or 4 stroke
  • Open A ($)*, B, C ages 12+ 122cc-Open 2 or 4 stroke
  • 15-29 Open
  • Vet 30+ 122cc –Open
  • Senior 40+ 122cc-Open
  • Women's ages 12+  85cc-250cc
  • Pit Bikes **

*Payout classes – Must have a minimum of 5 entries for 100% payout

** Minimum 5 entries to run 2 moto format.  No awards or series points.


  • AMA rules will be enforced for all races.  For a list of MX AMA rules, click here.
  • An AMA Membership or Cedar Lake Arena Membership is not required to participate in race day events.
  • A Referee will be at each race event and must be treated with respect at all times.
  • Race results can be protested up to 30 minutes after the results are posted – after 30 minutes all results are final.
  • All posted rules must be followed in order to participate in races.
  • Outdoor motocross scoring will be utilized – Two moto format.
  • Waivers must be signed before participating in race day events.
  • Only the racer and 1 mechanic will be allowed on the track during the race event.  Mechanic will not be allowed outside of the Mechanic’s area after the gate drops.  Any mechanic or guest of a rider that steps onto the track from the pits will result in rider disqualification.
  • Disrespectful treatment of any Cedar Lake Arena employee or guests will result in disqualification of you/your rider and you will be asked to leave the facility.
  • Participants must purchase a wristband at sign up before they will be allowed to enter the Pits with their equipment.
  • Ages for all classes will be determined as of December 1st.