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Below is a brief description of the types of cars we are racing indoors!

Quarter Midgets

These cars are approximately one quarter (1/4) the size of a full size midget car.  The single cylinder, 7 cubic inch quarter midget engine allows speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, or one quarter the speed of the adult car.  These cars are great for kids age 5-15 and allow for safe, fun, affordable racing.  Descent used cars can be purchased for as low as $1,500 and new cars are roughly $4,500.

Pocket Modifieds/Slingshots

This class of car is perfect for kids age 8-18.  We allow both the Slingshot cars made out of Pennslyvania as well as the Oakridge cars that Bob Timm built and are now being built by Les Duellman.  Both the Slingshots and the cars built by Timm or Duellman run on a seaed Briggs and Stratton Vanguard V-Twin engine and produce speeds of over 50 mph. 

Outlaw Mini Mods

These cars are made by Bat Wing chassis (Nathan Killwine).  The cars utilize a 600cc sport bike engine and a swing arm rear suspension like the pocket modifieds or slingshots.  The cars are typically raced by ages 16 and up (mostly adults) and are capable of speeds near 100 mph.

Micro Sprint Cars

Micro sprints are side engine cars that have their engines located near the middle left of the chassis.  Micro-sprints utilize a solid, live rear axle and chain drive that is positioned in the chassis by a Jacobs Ladder or panhard bar.  Micro-sprints make use of 10-inch wheels and tires. They have full roll cages and suspension and wings just like a regular sprint car.  These cars are raced by ages 12 and up (typically adults) and run at speeds of over 100 mph.

Go Karts!

We race many different types of carts.  See our rules under "Car Rules/Classes".  If you do not fit exactly in one of these classes but are legal at your home track, please come join us anyway and we will put you in the class where you match the closest to be competitive.  Call 612-363-0479 with any questions.