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Berryhill Takes Night 1 of Indoor Nationals at Cedar Lake Arena

By Bryan Gapinski, 03/12/13, 8:00PM CDT


New Richmond, Wis. March 9---California's Travis Berryhill won the opening night of the "Sasquatch Indoor Nationals presented by Jack Link's Beef Jerky", Saturday Night at the Cedar Lake Speedway Arena. The 30-lap feature was the season opener for the the Stark Automotive Group/Mid-State Equipment Badger Midget Series. It also marked the start of the 77th season for Badger, the oldest active sanctioning organization in midget auto racing,

Berryhill jumped into the lead at the start followed by Dave Darland and Berryhill's teammate David Budres. Berryhill increased his lead to three-car lengths over Darland by lap 5. Berryhill began lapping the tail of the field on Lap 11 and increased his lead to 1.8 seconds at the midway point. Darland, running second tangled with the lapped car of Zach Daum on Lap 17, bringing out the caution. Three additional laps were completed before track officials stopped the event to improve air conditions in the 165,000 square foot building.

On the restart Berryhill with four lapped car between himself and second place Budres,again pulled away from the field. Thomas Meseraull passed Budres for second place with four laps remaining. Berryhill driving the Manic Racing owned Stealth/Fontana No. 11, finished 3.30 seconds ahead of Meseruall, Budres, David Gough and Daniel Robinson." Its great to finally get a victory in Badger, we worked really hard to achieve this win, the staff track did a great job putting this event together" commented Berryhill.

Ryan Schuur passed Bradan Fickas, with seven laps remaining to the 25-lap Badger 600 Micro feature, which saw numerous cautions, and five drivers flip in three different accidents during the event. Shane Fick, Fickas, Tim Ottenbacher and Wade Huisman completed the top five. Tim Brockhaus won the 20-lap Legends Cars feature finishing ahead of: Pat Zanastra, and Shon Jacobsen. All three divisions will run another complete program Sunday, with practice at 11:30 am, followed by racing at 1:00 pm


Badger Midgets

30-lap Feature: 1. Travis Berryhill; 2. Thomas Meseraull; 3. David Budres; 4. David Gough; 5. Daniel Robinson; 6. Danny Stratton; 7. Tracy Hines; 8. Brad Kuhn; 9. Jon Stanbrough; 10. Dylan Peterson; 11. Brandon Waelti; 12. Andrew Fleker; 13. Dave Darland; 14. Colten Cottle; 15. Ryan Wilson; 16. Jake Neuman; 17. Jake Blackhurst; 18. Cody Ledger; 19. Zach Daum; 20. Billy Balog; 21. Buddy Luebke; 22. Robbie Ray.

15-lap Semi Feature: 1. Colten Cottle; 2. Andrew Felker; 3. Billy Balog; 4. Jake Blackhurst; 5. Robbie Ray; 6. Zach Daum; 7. Kurt Mayhew; 8. Kaley Engstrom; 9. Andee Beirele; 10. Payton Pierce; 11. Frank Deiny Jr.; 12. Donovan Peterson.

10-lap Heat Race#1: 1. David Gough (DSR#6); 2. Travis Berryhill (Manic#11); 3. Dave Darland (Lein#2); 4. Buddy Luebke (Bull Dog#43); 5. Billy Balog (DSR#6a); 6. Kurt Mayhew (Mayhew#21); 7. Payton Pierce (McCreery#57P).

10-lap Heat Race#2: 1. Jon Stanbrough (Lein#4); 2. Danny Stratton (Lein#2L); 3. Brad Kuhn (RAB#57x); 4. Colten Cottle (Cottle#5); 5. Brandon Waelti (Huston#51); 6. Jake Blackhurst (Blackhurst#25); 7. Donovan Peterson (Metalworx#11P).

10-lap Heat Race#3: 1 Daniel Robinson (McCreery#57M); 2. Thomas Meseruall (RAB#57); 3. Cody Ledger (Ledger#35); 4. Dylan Peterson ( Peterson#25x); 5. Kaley Engstrom (McCreery#57K); 6. Andee Beierle (Felker#11a); 7. Frank Deiny Jr. (Daum#5dd). .

10-lap Heat Race#4: 1. David Budres (Manic#31); 2. Tracy Hines (SpeedQuip#75); 3. Ryan Wilson (Metalworx#11B); 4. Jake Neuman (Neuman#3); 5. Andrew Felker (Felker#11F); 6. Robbie Ray (Ray#3); 7. Zach Daum (Daum#5d).

Feature Lap Leaders: Berryhill 1-30

* Deiny flipped in Heat Race Three.