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Stratton Takes Midget Finale at Cedar Lake Arena!

By Bryan Gapinski, 03/10/13, 8:00PM CDT


New Richmond, Wis. March 10--- Danny Stratton won the 30-lap Stark Automotive Group/Mid-State Equipment Badger Midget Series "Sasquatch Indoor Nationals presented by Jack Link's Beef Jerky", Sunday afternoon at the Cedar Lake Speedway Arena.

Polesitter Billy Balog retired from the event with engine problems on the pace lap. When the green flag was waved an eight-car accident occurred entering Turn One forcing the event to be stopped. A second accident on the next restart slowed the event, seven cars were eliminated from competition as a result of both incidents.

Brad Kuhn jumped into the lead followed by Stratton, David Gough and Tracy Hines. Hines moved into third place on the seventh lap. Stratton using the upper groove began to build up momentum and stayed on Kuhn's bumper, passing Kuhn entering Turn One on Lap 11.

Once in the lead Stratton pulled away from Kuhn. Hines passed Kuhn for second position with seven laps remaining. Stratton despite running in lapped traffic increased his lead and finished 2.62 seconds ahead of Hines, Kuhn, Thomas Meseruall and Jon Stanbrough.
Stratton drove the Hans Lein owned Spike/Ford-Esslinger No. 2 to the $2,500 first place prize. "The upper groove came in for my car at the right time it was my only option to pass Brad (Kuhn) for the lead" commented Stratton. ,

Ryan Schurr for the second straight day won the 25-lap Badger 600 Micro feature, taking the lead on lap 11, which was the fifth lead change of the event. Schurr easily outdistanced Gunner Cummings, Chad Bogar, Derrik Lusk, and Tim Ottenbacher.

Also scoring the double victory for the weekend Tim Brockhouse won the 20-lap Legends Cars feature finishing ahead of: Pat Zandstra, and Shon Jacobsen.


Badger Midgets

30-lap Feature: 1. Danny Stratton; 2. Tracy Hines; 3. Brad Kuhn; 4. Thomas Meseruall; 5. Jon Stanbrough; 6. David Gough; 7. Jake Blackhurst; 8. Dave Darland; 9. Jake Neuman; 10. Brandon Waelti; 11. Andrew Felker; 12. Buddy Luebke; 13. Donovan Peterson; 14. Andee Beierle; 15. Robbie Ray; 16. David Budres; 17. Travis Berryhill; 18. Cody Ledger; 19. Dylan Peterson; 20. Daniel Robinson; 21. Colten Cottle; 22. Billy Balog.

15-lap Semi Feature: 1. Travis Berryhill; 2. Jake Blackhurst; 3. Daniel Robinson; 4. Buddy Luebke; 5. Donovan Peterson; 6. Colten Cottle; 7. Kaley Engstrom; 8. Frank Deiny Jr.; 9. Payton Pierce; 10. Kurt Mayhew; 11. Ryan Wilson.

10-lap Heat Race#1: 1. David Gough (DSR#6); 2. Brandon Waelti (Huston#51); 3. Robbie Ray (Ray#3); 4. Donovan Peterson (Metalworx#11P); 5. Cody Ledger (Ledger#35); 6. Zach Daum (Daum#5d); 7. Ryan Wilson (Metalworx#11B).

10-lap Heat Race#2: 1. Brad Kuhn (RAB#57x); 2. Tracy Hines (SpeedQuip#75); 3. David Budres (Manic#31); 4. Andrew Felker (Felker#11F); 5. Dave Darland (Lein#2);6. Kaley Engstrom (McCreery#57K); 7. Payton Pierce (McCreery#57P).

10-lap Heat Race#3: 1. Andee Beierle (Felker#11x); 2. Jake Neuman (Neuman#3); 3. Jon Stanbrough (Lein#4); 4. Buddy Luebke (Bull Dog#43); 5. Dylan Peterson ( Peterson#25x); 6. Daniel Robinson (McCreery#57R); 7. Frank Deiny Jr. (Daum#5x).

10-lap Heat Race#4: 10-lap Heat Race#4: 1. Billy Balog (DSR#6a); 2. Thomas Meseruall (RAB#57); 3. Danny Stratton (Lein#2s); 4. Travis Berryhill (Manic#11J); 5. Jake Blackhurst (Blackhurst#25); 6. Colten Cottle (Cottle#5); 7. Kurt Mayhew (Mayhew#21).

Feature Lap Leaders: Kuhn 1-11 Stratton 12-30

*Wilson flipped in Heat Race One.

Badger 600 Micros

25-lap Feature: 1. Ryan Schurr; 2. Gunner Cummings; 3. Chad Bogar; 4. Derrik Lusk; 5. Tim Ottenbacher; 6. Jake Neuman; 7. Jake Reif; 8. Wade Husiman; 9. Shane Fick; 10. Ray Seach; 11.Brandon Buysse; 12. Ed Wagoner; 13. Jason Dull; 14. Tony Duran; 15. Rick Kobs; 16. Tory Strauss; 17. Brandan Fickas; 18. SandyTraaseth.

10-lap Heat Race Winners: Shane Fick, Gunner Cummings, Chad Bogar.

Legends Cars

20-lap Feature: 1. Tim Brockhaus; 2. Pat Zandstra; 3. Shon Jacobsen; 4. Brandon Elmer; 5. Mike Mueller.

10-lap heat Race Winners: Pat Zandstra, Tim Brockhaus.