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Hot Action at Firecracker Special!

By Jamie Nutzmann, 07/01/13, 8:00PM CDT


Cedar Lake Speedway hosted their annual Firecracker Special on Saturday June, 29th. Fans were treated to a 4 division show featuring the Hornets, Pro Stocks, Modifieds and Late Models, followed by the world famous Cedar Lake Speedway Fireworks display.


The Hornet division was first up for main event action with Jerry Hanson and Brent Voeltz pacing the field to the start. Voeltz would jump to the early lead with Buddy Hanestad moving into second position. On lap two Barret Hammond would take over the second position and start to close in Voeltz. The leaders started to encounter lapped traffic on lap three, allowing Hammond to gain more ground. The leaders would continue to work their way through traffic, but Voeltz was able to hold on for the win. Hammond would end up second with Chris Dyke, Hanestad and Kris Kaphing rounding out the top five. Hornet heat race wins went to Hanestad and Hammond.


Next up would be the main event for the Pro Stocks. Ben Hanke and Rich Bishop would lead the field to the start. A seven car melee at the flag stand caused a complete restart once the cleanup was finished. Hanke would take the lead on the restart with Tim Borgeson moving into second. Hanke and Borgeson thrilled the fans with a side-by-side battle for the lead for numerous laps. Mike Loomis would move into third on lap 5, while Hanke and Borgeson continued their back and forth battle for the lead. The caution flew once again on lap 6. Borgeson was now in command for the Delaware double file restart. Hanke would battle back and reassume the lead. Loomis moved into second on lap 11 and started his challenge of Hanke. Hanke and Loomis would then take turns leading, with Hanke eventually gaining the advantage. Approaching the white flag, Hanke spun out of the lead and moved to the rear of the field. Loomis would take the lead on for the green-white-checker finish, capturing his fourth CLS Pro Stock main event win of the year. Pro Stock heat race winners were Bishop, Borgeson and Loomis.


The Modified main event started with Jeremy Nelson and Shawn Kelley starting on the front row. Nelson grabbed the early advantage with Ashley Anderson moving into second on lap 2. Anderson would move inside of Nelson on lap three to take the lead. As the race went on, Darrell Nelson made his way to third place as the leaders started to approach lapped traffic on lap 13. A late race charge by Andy Jones saw the Princeton, Minn. driver move from his seventh place starting position to second place by lap 17. Jones would run out of time as the race went green to checkers with Anderson getting his first career Modified win at Cedar Lake. Jones would hold on for second, Darrel Nelson would finish third, Jeremy Nelson fourth and Jason Miller rounding out the top five. Jones and Darrell Nelson would pick up the heat race wins.


The final main event of the evening saw the Late Models line up with Mike Nutzmann and AJ Diemel leading the field to the start. Diemel would take the early lead, with Brent Larson moving into second place. On lap 5 the lone caution of the Late Model main flew when Ryan Johnson made contact with the wall between turns 1 and 2. Diemel would lead the field on the restart with Nutzmann, Larson and Darrell Nelson battling for second. Larson would break away from the pack, and begin his move towards the front. Diemel and Larson would approach lapped traffic on lap 20. Larson would pull along side Diemel and the two would go side-by-side for the lead for several laps. Larson was able to eventually clear Diemel and pull away for the win. The final rundown had Larson across the line first at the checkers followed by Diemel, Chad Mahder, Rick Hanestad and Darrell Nelson. Late Model heat race winners were Larson and Greg Nippoldt.


Next up at Cedar Lake Speedway features the 5th Annual Night of Destruction with Monster Trucks and other stunts. Additional information can be found on our website at


Cedar Lake Speedway


Late Models 6/29/2013

A Mains:1. Brent Larson (Lake Elmo, MN), 2. AJ Diemel (Elk Mound, WI), 3. Chad Mahder (Eau Claire, WI), 4. Rick Hanestad (Boyceville, wi), 5. Darrell Nelson (Hermantown, MN), 6. Mike Nutzmann (New Richmond, WI), 7. Greg Nippoldt (Roberts, WI), 8. Mike Bear (River Falls, WI), 9. Jeff Keeney (River Falls, WI), 10. Bryan Wennen (Lindstrom, MN), 11. Randy Gullixson (Baldwin, WI), 12. Ryan Johnson (Lindstrom, MN), 13. Jim Carlson (St. Paul, mn),


Heat 1:1. Brent Larson (Lake Elmo, MN), 2. AJ Diemel (Elk Mound, WI), 3. Mike Nutzmann (New Richmond, WI), 4. Darrell Nelson (Hermantown, MN), 5. Rick Hanestad (Boyceville, wi), 6. Jeff Keeney (River Falls, WI), 7. Jim Carlson (St. Paul, mn),


Heat 2:1. Greg Nippoldt (Roberts, WI), 2. Chad Mahder (Eau Claire, WI), 3. Mike Bear (River Falls, WI), 4. Randy Gullixson (Baldwin, WI), 5. Bryan Wennen (Lindstrom, MN), 6. Ryan Johnson (Lindstrom, MN),


Modifieds 6/29/2013

A Mains:1. Ashley Anderson (Elk MOund, WI), 2. Andy Jones (Princeton, MN), 3. Darrell Nelson (Hermantown, MN), 4. Jeremy Nelson (Zimmerman, MN), 5. Jason Miller (Duluth, wi), 6. Scott Splittstoesser (Cottage Grove, MN), 7. Clayton Wagamon (Blaine, MN), 8. JT Johnson (Milaca, MN), 9. Shaun Kelley (Somerset, wi), 10. Doug Gustafson (Frederick, wi), 11. Jake Miller (New Richmond, WI), 12. Ted Marrs (East Bethel, MN), 13. Terry Hanson (Elk River, MN), 14. Scott Heikkenen (Eveleth, MN), 15. Bryan Hessler (Chetek, WI), 16. Jim Weeks (St Paul, MN), 17. Cory Mahder (Eau Claire, WI),


Heat 1:1. Darrell Nelson (Hermantown, MN), 2. Scott Splittstoesser (Cottage Grove, MN), 3. Jeremy Nelson (Zimmerman, MN), 4. Shaun Kelley (Somerset, wi), 5. Clayton Wagamon (Blaine, MN), 6. Jake Miller (New Richmond, WI), 7. Doug Gustafson (Frederick, wi), 8. Terry Hanson (Elk River, MN), 9. Bryan Hessler (Chetek, WI),


Heat 2:1. Andy Jones (Princeton, MN), 2. Jason Miller (Duluth, wi), 3. Ashley Anderson (Elk MOund, WI), 4. JT Johnson (Milaca, MN), 5. Ted Marrs (East Bethel, MN), 6. Scott Heikkenen (Eveleth, MN), 7. Jim Weeks (St Paul, MN), 8. Cory Mahder (Eau Claire, WI),


Super Stocks 6/29/2013

A Mains:1. Mike Loomis (Forest Lake, mn), 2. Tim Borgeson (New Richmond, WI), 3. Gunnar Watkins (Elk Mound, WI), 4. Cody Campeau (Somerset, WI), 5. Rich Bishop (New Richmond, wi), 6. Ryan Wiome (North Branch, MN), 7. Lucas Plank (Altoona, WI), 8. Cory Davis (Turtle Lake, WI), 9. Patrick Heikkenen (Eveleth, MN), 10. Brian Lick (Afton, MN), 11. Ben Hanke (Hudson, WI), 12. Bruce Schouveller (East Bethel, MN), 13. Marcus Simonson (Milltown, Wi), 14. John Olson (Hudson, WI), 15. Ryan Gangl (East Bethel, MN), 16. Denny Schouveller (Hugo, MN), 17. Jake Hiatt (River Falls, WI), 18. Adam Ayotte (St Paul, MN), 19. Mike Raboin (Somerset, wi), 20. Lyle Archambeau (Lake Elmo, Mn), 21. Brian Weber (Chaska, MN),


Heat 1:1. Rich Bishop (New Richmond, wi), 2. Cory Davis (Turtle Lake, WI), 3. Lucas Plank (Altoona, WI), 4. Ryan Wiome (North Branch, MN), 5. Patrick Heikkenen (Eveleth, MN), 6. Brian Weber (Chaska, MN), 7. Denny Schouveller (Hugo, MN),


Heat 2:1. Tim Borgeson (New Richmond, WI), 2. Gunnar Watkins (Elk Mound, WI), 3. Ben Hanke (Hudson, WI), 4. Adam Ayotte (St Paul, MN), 5. Mike Raboin (Somerset, wi), 6. Bruce Schouveller (East Bethel, MN), 7. Ryan Gangl (East Bethel, MN),


Heat 3:1. Mike Loomis (Forest Lake, mn), 2. Cody Campeau (Somerset, WI), 3. John Olson (Hudson, WI), 4. Brian Lick (Afton, MN), 5. Lyle Archambeau (Lake Elmo, Mn), 6. Marcus Simonson (Milltown, Wi), 7. Jake Hiatt (River Falls, WI),


Midwest Modifieds 6/30/2013

A Mains:1. Jason Vandekamp (North Branch, MN), 2. Mark Froehlich (Elk River, mn), 3. Ryan Olson (Strum, WI), 4. Jason Schill (Centuria, WI), 5. Vince Corbin (Blaine, MN), 6. Robbie Franklin (Plymouth, MN), 7. Mitch Weiss (Scandia, MN), 8. Eric Herbison (New Richmond, WI), 9. Shawn Carlson (Afton, MN), 10. Jason Haugerud (Barronette, WI), 11. Cody Wolkowski (Thunder Bay, ON), 12. Shaun Kelley (Somerset, wi), 13. Mark Thomas (Menomonie, WI), 14. Douglas Toepper (Wyoming, MN), 15. Dean Grube (Red Wing, MN), 16. Elizabeth Toepper (Lino Lakes, MN), 17. Cody Borgeson (New Richmond, WI), 18. Ryan Hensel (Forest, WI), 19. Miranda Carlson (Afton, MN), 20. Chase Friendt (New Richmond, WI), 21. Dagan Heim (Rosemount, MN), 22. Jordan Hessler (Beldenville, WI), 23. Eric Gadach (Deer Park, WI), 24. Josh Bazey (Luck, WI),


B Mains:1. Jason Haugerud (Barronette, WI), 2. Josh Bazey (Luck, WI), 3. Shaun Kelley (Somerset, wi), 4. Cody Borgeson (New Richmond, WI), 5. Dagan Heim (Rosemount, MN), 6. Chase Friendt (New Richmond, WI), 7. Jacob Toepper (Hugo, MN), 8. Cole Cropp (Menominee, WI), 9. Shane Berndt (Blaine, MN), 10. David Swearingen (Little Canada, MN),


Heat 1:1. Ryan Olson (Strum, WI), 2. Eric Herbison (New Richmond, WI), 3. Jordan Hessler (Beldenville, WI), 4. Mitch Weiss (Scandia, MN), 5. Cody Wolkowski (Thunder Bay, ON), 6. Douglas Toepper (Wyoming, MN), 7. Cole Cropp (Menominee, WI), 8. David Swearingen (Little Canada, MN), 9. Chase Friendt (New Richmond, WI), 10. Josh Bazey (Luck, WI),


Heat 2:1. Mark Froehlich (Elk River, mn), 2. Shawn Carlson (Afton, MN), 3. Ryan Hensel (Forest, WI), 4. Miranda Carlson (Afton, MN), 5. Mark Thomas (Menomonie, WI), 6. Dean Grube (Red Wing, MN), 7. Jason Haugerud (Barronette, WI), 8. Shaun Kelley (Somerset, wi), 9. Charlie Wihren (Stillwater, MN), 10. Jacob Toepper (Hugo, MN),


Heat 3:1. Jason Vandekamp (North Branch, MN), 2. Robbie Franklin (Plymouth, MN), 3. Vince Corbin (Blaine, MN), 4. Jason Schill (Centuria, WI), 5. Eric Gadach (Deer Park, WI), 6. Elizabeth Toepper (Lino Lakes, MN), 7. Cody Borgeson (New Richmond, WI), 8. Dagan Heim (Rosemount, MN), 9. Shane Berndt (Blaine, MN),


Hornets 6/29/2013

A Mains:1. Brent Voeltz (Glenwood City, WI), 2. Barret Hammond (Prescott, WI), 3. Chris Dyke (Hudson, WI), 4. Buddy Hanestad (Boyceville, WI), 5. Kris Kaphing (Grantsburg, WI), 6. Jerry Hanson (St Paul, MN), 7. Joe  Lallier (South St Paul, MN), 8. Charles Eckl (Lonsdale, MN), 9. Brandon Dyke (Hudson, ), 10. Samantha Yarusso (Osceola, WI), 11. Natalie Rogers (Mahtomedi, MN), 12. Chuck Wald (Chippewa Falls, WI), 13. Sam Barthel (East Bethel, MN), 14. Gary Stahl, 15. Jess Seim (Glenwood City, WI),


Heat 1:1. Buddy Hanestad (Boyceville, WI), 2. Jess Seim (Glenwood City, WI), 3. Jerry Hanson (St Paul, MN), 4. Joe  Lallier (South St Paul, MN), 5. Gary Stahl, 6. Charles Eckl (Lonsdale, MN), 7. Chris Dyke (Hudson, WI), 8. Samantha Yarusso (Osceola, WI),


Heat 2:1. Barret Hammond (Prescott, WI), 2. Brent Voeltz (Glenwood City, WI), 3. Kris Kaphing (Grantsburg, WI), 4. Brandon Dyke (Hudson, ), 5. Natalie Rogers (Mahtomedi, MN), 6. Sam Barthel (East Bethel, MN), 7. Chuck Wald (Chippewa Falls, WI),