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Truscott Nabs $2,000 Pay Day at Herbison Memorial!

By Jamie Nutzmann, 06/12/14, 11:30PM CDT


Truscott Tops Herbison Memorial At Cedar Lake Speedway
(Nelson, Hanke & Hanestad Are Winners)
New Richmond, WI (6-12-14)
By: Greg Parent

Michael Truscott of Chippewa Falls picked a great night for his first-ever Cedar Lake Speedway victory.  With an outstanding and talent-laden field of 49 NASCAR Midwest Modifieds on hand for the 1st Annual Eric Herbison Memorial, Truscott took the lead from his Chippewa Falls teammate Cory Crapser on lap 7 when Crapser suffered a flat right front tire, lost the lead to 2013 CLS track champion Jason Vandekamp on lap 17, recaptured the top spot on lap 25, and went on to score one of the more memorable wins in his racing career.  Truscott earned $2,000 for the victory on what was also the opening night of the 2014 edition of The Masters.  Darrell Nelson topped a strong field of NASCAR Modifieds.  Ben Hanke picked up his inaugural CLS win in the NASCAR Pro Stocks.  Buddy Hanestad kept his streak intact with his sixth NASCAR Hornet win.

On a cool evening, the opening night of The Masters kicked off on Thursday June 12 with four racing divisions on the program highlighted by the Eric Herbison Memorial for the Midwest Mods.  Herbison, a weekly competitor in the division for several seasons, lost his life in a snowmobile accident during the winter.  Topping the Midwest Mod heat races were Josh Bazey, Truscott, Jason Bleess, Shane Sabraski, Crapser, and in his first-ever Midwest Mod race, veteran modified racer Kelly Estey.  The race format for the Eric Herbison Memorial featured passing and finishing points in the heats with the top 18 drivers making the A Main.  The top 12 drivers would redraw for their starting spots.  The remaining eight positions were filled from two B Mains.  Ryan Olson, making his first start in 2014, and Douglas Toepper topped the B Mains to set the 26 car starting grid.

The 30 lap Eric Herbison Memorial NASCAR Midwest Modified feature was the final event of the night, and as the old adage goes, they did indeed save the best for the last.  Truscott and Crapser were on the front row.  A crash on the opening lap involving five cars required a complete restart minus three of the cars.  When the race went green again, it was Crapser holding a slim lead over Truscott.  The pace was slowed for a second time with just one lap scored when Kelly Estey and Mitch Weiss tangled in turn two.  Estey restarted tail-end.  Once again under green, Crapser held the lead until an unlucky occurrence on lap 7 saw him scrape the back stretch wall entering turn three and cut down a right front tire.  The race was under caution for the third time, as Crapser went to the work area and changed the tire.  Truscott now held the top spot, but Vandekamp was looking to change that.  When the final caution waved with 14 laps in for the stalled car of Shane Sabraski, Vandekamp applied the pressure on Truscott on the restart.

On lap 17, Vandekamp moved past Truscott into the lead.  Truscott fought back and finally was able to regain the lead on lap 25.  Vandekamp stayed close, and on the final lap exiting turn four coming to the checkers, he came up about a half car length short at the line in what turned out to be a very entertaining 30 lap feature race.  Finishing behind Truscott and Vandekamp was Jacob Bleess, Tony Schill and 50/50 raffle winner Kyle Matuska.  Earning Hard Charger honors in sixth place was 19th starter Ryan Olson.  Mack Estey, Kelly Estey from the tail following the lap one restart, Crapser from the tail following his lap 7 misfortune, and Kent Baxter rounded out the top ten finishers.

The NASCAR Pro Stocks were actually the first feature race of the night.  They started 17 cars for their 20 lap main event.  A caution-plagued race saw only ten cars finish.  Ben Hanke led all the way for his first CLS win ever.  Upon exiting his car in Victory Lane, Hanke immediately headed across the track and threw a small stuffed animal (monkey) over the fence and into the crowd to signify that he finally had gotten "the monkey off his back" with his first win.  Mike Hesselink and Dale Gangl had a tremendous race for second with Hesselink prevailing in the end.  Ryan Wiome and 2013 track champion Mike Loomis completed the top five.  Wiome and Gangl topped the heats.

Another nonstop 12 lap NASCAR Hornet feature resulted in another Buddy Hanestad win.  Hanestad stayed perfect in 2014 with his sixth victory in the hornets.  Derrick Johnson led the opening lap before William Voeltz took his turn up front.  Hanestad made the winning pass under Voeltz and a lapped car on lap 5 and never looked back.  Voeltz finished second ahead of Jeremy Johnson, Derrick Johnson and Don Martens.  To no surprise, Hanestad also won the heat race.

The 20 lap NASCAR Modified feature was loaded with several very talented drivers.  Some of the cars were using this Thrusday night of The Masters as a tune-up for the next two nights of USMTS racing.  Following heat race wins by Bob Gierke, Darrell Nelson and Scott Duvall, the field was set for their main event.  With only Craig Thatcher unable to start, a field of 25 modifieds roared to life.  Wetzstein led the first 8 laps before Darrell Nelson powered around him in turn four on lap 9 to grab the top spot.  The race was slowed on five occasions in the first ten laps for various incidents.  The final ten circuits clicked off caution-free, as Nelson showed the way to the checkers.  Making his first-ever CLS appearance, Brandon Davis and Wetzstein swapped the runner-up position behind Nelson several times.  Davis prevailed over Wetzstein in the end.  Josh Angst and Duvall completed the top five.  Rounding out the top ten finishers were Brandon Jensen, Joey Jensen, Scott Splittstoesser, Jason Gross and 24th starter Jeremy Houle.

Midwest Modifieds 6/12/2014
A Mains:1. Michael Truscott (Chippewa Falls, WI), 2. Jason Vandekamp (North Branch, MN), 3. Jacob Bleess (Chatfield, MN), 4. Tony Schill (Oakdale, MN), 5. Kyle Matuska (Stansfield, MN), 6. Ryan Olson (Strum, WI), 7. Mack Estey (Kelly Lake, MN), 8. Kelly Estey (Hibbing, MN), 9. Cory Crapser (Chippewa Falls, WI), 10. Kent Baxter (Dorchester, WI), 11. Dan Wheeler (Columbia Heights, MN), 12. Justin Froemming (Garfield, MN), 13. Josh Crary (Elgin, MN), 14. Kylie Kath (Owatonna, MN), 15. Cody Borgeson (New Richmond, WI), 16. Alan Bohlman (Cambridge, mn), 17. Shawn Phillips (Fridley, MN), 18. Mitch Weiss (Scandia, MN), 19. Owen Grube (Cambridge, MN), 20. Kevin Montieth (Thunder Bay, ), 21. Josh Bazey (Luck, WI), 22. Shane Howell (Buffalo, MN), 23. Shane Sabraski (Rice, MN), 24. Douglas Toepper (Wyoming, MN), 25. Paul Niznik (Medford, WI), 26. Tanner Byholm (Glidden, WI),

B Mains 1:1. Ryan Olson (Strum, WI), 2. Shawn Phillips (Fridley, MN), 3. Josh Crary (Elgin, MN), 4. Owen Grube (Cambridge, MN), 5. Mike Spraguer (Taylor's Falls, MN), 6. Shane Berndt (Blaine, MN), 7. Shawn Carlson (Afton, MN), 8. Dagan Heim (Rosemount, MN), 9. Chase Friendt (New Richmond, WI), 10. Ron Jablonske (Hager City, WI), 11. Miranda Carlson (Afton, MN), 12. Cory Bruggeman (Stillwater, MN), 13. Jason Hall (Princeton, MN), 14. Eric Gadach (Deer Park, WI), 15. Scott Splittstoesser (Cottage Grove, MN), 16. Eric Dockter (Minot, ND),

B Mains 2:1. Douglas Toepper (Wyoming, MN), 2. Paul Niznik (Medford, WI), 3. Cody Borgeson (New Richmond, WI), 4. Alan Bohlman (Cambridge, mn), 5. A J Roschen (Hudson, WI), 6. Ryan Wetzstein (West Concord, MN), 7. Leon Schmitt (Cottage Grove, MN), 8. Mike Rukamp (Hillsdale, ), 9. Jason Hobbs (Ham Lake, MN), 10. Bonnie Jablonske (Hager City, WI), 11. Charlie Wihren (Stillwater, MN), 12. Justin Tanner (Monticello, MN), 13. Kadden Kath (Owatonna, MN), 14. Adam Martinson (Richfield, MN), 15. Jason Schill (Centuria, WI),

Heat 1:1. Josh Bazey (Luck, WI), 2. Tanner Byholm (Glidden, WI), 3. Shawn Phillips (Fridley, MN), 4. Shane Berndt (Blaine, MN), 5. Leon Schmitt (Cottage Grove, MN), 6. Alan Bohlman (Cambridge, mn), 7. Cory Bruggeman (Stillwater, MN), 8. Miranda Carlson (Afton, MN),

Heat 2:1. Michael Truscott (Chippewa Falls, WI), 2. Kent Baxter (Dorchester, WI), 3. Kevin Montieth (Thunder Bay, ), 4. Ryan Wetzstein (West Concord, MN), 5. Chase Friendt (New Richmond, WI), 6. Eric Gadach (Deer Park, WI), 7. Paul Niznik (Medford, WI), 8. Adam Martinson (Richfield, MN),

Heat 3:1. Jacob Bleess (Chatfield, MN), 2. Jason Vandekamp (North Branch, MN), 3. Mack Estey (Kelly Lake, MN), 4. Josh Crary (Elgin, MN), 5. Kadden Kath (Owatonna, MN), 6. Mike Rukamp (Hillsdale, ), 7. Dagan Heim (Rosemount, MN), 8. Owen Grube (Cambridge, MN),

Heat 4:1. Shane Sabraski (Rice, MN), 2. Kyle Matuska (Stansfield, MN), 3. Douglas Toepper (Wyoming, MN), 4. Dan Wheeler (Columbia Heights, MN), 5. A J Roschen (Hudson, WI), 6. Mike Spraguer (Taylor's Falls, MN), 7. Bonnie Jablonske (Hager City, WI), 8. Charlie Wihren (Stillwater, MN),

Heat 5:1. Cory Crapser (Chippewa Falls, WI), 2. Justin Froemming (Garfield, MN), 3. Ryan Olson (Strum, WI), 4. Mitch Weiss (Scandia, MN), 5. Justin Tanner (Monticello, MN), 6. Cody Borgeson (New Richmond, WI), 7. Scott Splittstoesser (Cottage Grove, MN), 8. Shawn Carlson (Afton, MN),

Heat 6:1. Kelly Estey (Hibbing, MN), 2. Tony Schill (Oakdale, MN), 3. Kylie Kath (Owatonna, MN), 4. Shane Howell (Buffalo, MN), 5. Jason Hall (Princeton, MN), 6. Ron Jablonske (Hager City, WI), 7. Jason Hobbs (Ham Lake, MN), 8. Eric Dockter (Minot, ND), 9. Jason Schill (Centuria, WI),

Modifieds 6/12/2014
A Mains:1. Darrell Nelson (Hermantown, MN), 2. Brandon Davis (Medford, MN), 3. Steve Wetzstein (West Concord, MN), 4. Josh Angst (Winona, MN), 5. Scott Duvall (Bloomer, wi), 6. Brandon Jensen (Star Prairie, WI), 7. Joey Jensen (Forest Lake, MN), 8. Scott Splittstoesser (Cottage Grove, MN), 9. Jason Gross (Cushing, wi), 10. Jeremy Houle (Forest Lake, MN), 11. Danny Bayer (Elrosa, MN), 12. Kelly Anderson (Hager City, WI), 13. Adam Ayotte (St Paul, MN), 14. Andy Jones (Princeton, MN), 15. Ted Marrs (East Bethel, MN), 16. Justin Ritchie (New London, WI), 17. Chet Atkinson (Hugo, MN), 18. Jeffrey Lien Jr (Mora, MN), 19. Bob Gierke (Westport, MN), 20. Cory Williams (Spring Valley, WI), 21. Billy Byholm, 22. Paul Niznik (Medford, WI), 23. Jeff Tardy (Hibbing, MN), 24. Jason Haugerud (Barronette, WI), 25. Clayton Wagamon (Blaine, MN), 26. Craig Thatcher (Knapp, wi),

Heat 1:1. Bob Gierke (Westport, MN), 2. Jason Gross (Cushing, wi), 3. Joey Jensen (Forest Lake, MN), 4. Steve Wetzstein (West Concord, MN), 5. Cory Williams (Spring Valley, WI), 6. Jeff Tardy (Hibbing, MN), 7. Billy Byholm, 8. Jason Haugerud (Barronette, WI), 9. Clayton Wagamon (Blaine, MN),

Heat 2:1. Darrell Nelson (Hermantown, MN), 2. Brandon Davis (Medford, MN), 3. Josh Angst (Winona, MN), 4. Chet Atkinson (Hugo, MN), 5. Scott Splittstoesser (Cottage Grove, MN), 6. Paul Niznik (Medford, WI), 7. Adam Ayotte (St Paul, MN), 8. Kelly Anderson (Hager City, WI), 9. Jeremy Houle (Forest Lake, MN),

Heat 3:1. Scott Duvall (Bloomer, wi), 2. Brandon Jensen (Star Prairie, WI), 3. Danny Bayer (Elrosa, MN), 4. Jeffrey Lien Jr (Mora, MN), 5. Ted Marrs (East Bethel, MN), 6. Justin Ritchie (New London, WI), 7. Andy Jones (Princeton, MN), 8. Craig Thatcher (Knapp, wi),

Super Stocks 6/12/2014
A Mains:1. Ben Hanke (Hudson, WI), 2. Mike Hesselink (Deer Park, WI), 3. Dale Gangl (East Bethel, MN), 4. Ryan Wiome (North Branch, MN), 5. Mike Loomis (Forest Lake, mn), 6. Joe Jensen (Harris, MN), 7. Cody Campeau (Somerset, WI), 8. Lyle Archambeau (Lake Elmo, Mn), 9. Mike Raboin (Somerset, wi), 10. Denny Schouveller (Hugo, MN), 11. Bruce Schouveller (East Bethel, MN), 12. Tom Gebauer (White Bear Lake, MN), 13. Marcus Simonson (Milltown, Wi), 14. Jeff Heintz (Turtle Lake, WI), 15. Ryan Gangl (East Bethel, MN), 16. Dustin Sanders (New Richmond, WI), 17. Adam Ayotte (St Paul, MN),

Heat 1:1. Ryan Wiome (North Branch, MN), 2. Ben Hanke (Hudson, WI), 3. Mike Hesselink (Deer Park, WI), 4. Cody Campeau (Somerset, WI), 5. Joe Jensen (Harris, MN), 6. Mike Loomis (Forest Lake, mn), 7. Lyle Archambeau (Lake Elmo, Mn), 8. Denny Schouveller (Hugo, MN), 9. Tom Gebauer (White Bear Lake, MN),

Heat 2:1. Dale Gangl (East Bethel, MN), 2. Mike Raboin (Somerset, wi), 3. Adam Ayotte (St Paul, MN), 4. Marcus Simonson (Milltown, Wi), 5. Jeff Heintz (Turtle Lake, WI), 6. Ryan Gangl (East Bethel, MN), 7. Bruce Schouveller (East Bethel, MN), 8. Dustin Sanders (New Richmond, WI),

Hornets 6/12/2014
A Mains:1. Buddy Hanestad (Boyceville, WI), 2. William Voeltz (Glenwood City, WI), 3. Jeremy Johnson, 4. Derrick Johnson (New Richmond, WI), 5. Don Martens (Red Wing, MN), 6. Natalie Rogers (Mahtomedi, MN), 7. Tim Thoennes (Oak Dale, MN), 8. Darrell Johnson, 9. Darren Gamache (New Richmond, WI), 10. Greg Gamache (River Falls, WI),

Heat:1. Buddy Hanestad (Boyceville, WI), 2. William Voeltz (Glenwood City, WI), 3. Derrick Johnson (New Richmond, WI), 4. Tim Thoennes (Oak Dale, MN), 5. Natalie Rogers (Mahtomedi, MN), 6. Darrell Johnson, 7. Don Martens (Red Wing, MN), 8. Jeremy Johnson, 9. Darren Gamache (New Richmond, WI), 10. Greg Gamache (River Falls, WI),