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Strong Fields Brave Cold Windy Evening at Cedar Lake 4-29-2017

By CLS, 04/30/17, 5:30PM CDT


Strong Fields Brave Cold Windy Evening at Cedar Lake
New Richmond, WI
By: Greg Parent (CLS Track Reporter)


The fourth night of the season would see a chilly, windy evening to close out the first month at the Cedar Lake Speedway on April 29.  Strong, competitive fields of cars would help to "warm" things up for the crowd that braved the cold wind despite somewhat seasonal temperatures.  With 106 cars signed into the pits, the five regular weekly divisions were back on the program.  Feature races were won by Jimmy Kouba in the UMSS Traditional Sprints, Justin Freomming in the NASCAR Midwest Modifieds, Cody Campeau in the NASCAR Pro Stocks, Jacob Blees in the NASCAR Modifieds and Steve Laursen with a strong run in the NASCAR Late Models.  Plenty of talent abounded in all divisions, but the modifieds and late models had particularly strong fields as cars turned out as a "tune up" for the upcoming Triple Crown event the following Saturday, May 6.


Jimmy Kouba upped the Kouba family batting average to .500 at CLS this season when he topped a competitive 25 lap feature in the Traditional sprint car division.  Mike Mueller led the first seven laps before Cam Schafer blew around him up top on lap 8.  Schafer led the next seven laps until Jimmy Kouba drove under him coming off turn 4 on lap 15 and found the middle groove to his liking en route to his 3rd career non-winged sprint car feature win at CLS.  The race was slowed twice under caution, but Jimmy Kouba was the strongest car during the latter half and picked up his 12th career CLS victory, albeit nine of them have come with a wing overhead.  Neal Matuska turned in his best finish yet, riding home in second over Mueller.

Justin Froemming led all 20 laps in the midwest modified main event for his first-ever CLS victory.  Once again, Jason Vandekamp found himself in the runner-up
spot with Alex Williamson in third.  Keep trying and eventually, success will be earned.  At last, Cody Campeau, who has supported CLS for many seasons and has raced in the pro (super) stock division also for many years, finally found his way to Victory Lane when he won for the first time in the pro stocks.  Campeau led all the way to top Willie Johnsen and Chris Wark.  A very strong and competitive field of 23 modifieds would see their 20 lap feature run nonstop to the finish.  There was no stopping young Jacob Blees from Chatfield, MN on this night, as he also picked up his first career CLS victory.  Jason Gross, Josh Angst, Paul Niznik and last week's winner Jake Hartung rounded out the top five.  The late models also had a very stout field of 22 cars on hand.  With a retro paint scheme like the old Pete Parker Reliable Welding late model cars, Steve Laursen showed why he has had many successful nights at Cedar Lake over the years when he recorded his 26th late model victory.  The win was no "walk in the park" for the veteran racer, as he held off Jimmy Mars, John Kaanta, Pat Doar and Chad Mahder in the top five spots.  Laursen's first late model victory came way back in 1982, as the veteran driver from Cumberland still has what it takes to be ultra-competitive in this popular division.  Indeed during the first month of the season, the "old" guys have been showing the way up front in the late model class.


Next week the hugely popular Triple Crown event will take place at Cedar Lake with the IRA Outlaw 410 sprint cars, the NASCAR Modifieds and the NASCAR Late Models on the program racing for $3,000 to win in each division.  Racers and fans generally turn out in strong numbers for a great night of ground-pounding action in three top divisions.  The other weekly classes have the night off.

Pos Car # fullname Class
1 19 Steve Laursen NASCAR Late Models Feature
2 28 Jimmy Mars NASCAR Late Models Feature
3 85 John Kaanta NASCAR Late Models Feature
4 11 Pat Doar NASCAR Late Models Feature
5 33x Chad Mahder NASCAR Late Models Feature
6 71 Rick Hanestad NASCAR Late Models Feature
7 27 Jake Redetzke NASCAR Late Models Feature
8 6m Jeffrey Massingill NASCAR Late Models Feature
9 44 Darrell Nelson NASCAR Late Models Feature
10 55n Greg Nippoldt NASCAR Late Models Feature
11 2 Mike Nutzmann NASCAR Late Models Feature
12 55 Jason Schill NASCAR Late Models Feature
13 14R Robbie Johnson NASCAR Late Models Feature
14 7c Jim Carlson NASCAR Late Models Feature
15 T18 T J Adams NASCAR Late Models Feature
16 61 Jeff Keeney NASCAR Late Models Feature
17 11G James Giossi NASCAR Late Models Feature
18 99k Lyle Archambeau NASCAR Late Models Feature
19 7x Jesse Glenz NASCAR Late Models Feature
20 B1 Brent Larson NASCAR Late Models Feature
21 58 A J Diemel NASCAR Late Models Feature
22 10 Mike Raboin NASCAR Late Models Feature
1 21jb Jacob Bleess NASCAR Modifieds Feature
2 12 Jason Gross NASCAR Modifieds Feature
3 99 Josh Angst NASCAR Modifieds Feature
4 42 Paul Niznik NASCAR Modifieds Feature
5 05 Jake Hartung NASCAR Modifieds Feature
6 07 Cory Crapser NASCAR Modifieds Feature
7 4 Cory Bruggeman NASCAR Modifieds Feature
8 95 Keith Foss NASCAR Modifieds Feature
9 49 Jake Timm NASCAR Modifieds Feature
10 44 Darrell Nelson NASCAR Modifieds Feature
11 65 Jake Miller NASCAR Modifieds Feature
12 03 Jordan Hessler NASCAR Modifieds Feature
13 21 Joey Jensen NASCAR Modifieds Feature
14 29h Joe Horgdal NASCAR Modifieds Feature
15 94jr John Doelle NASCAR Modifieds Feature
16 R1 Jay Richardson NASCAR Modifieds Feature
17 57 Duke Erickson NASCAR Modifieds Feature
18 21B Brandon Jensen NASCAR Modifieds Feature
19 K1 Kyle Steffen NASCAR Modifieds Feature
20 W Cory Williams NASCAR Modifieds Feature
21 44x Mitch Anderson NASCAR Modifieds Feature
22 F2 Chase Friendt NASCAR Modifieds Feature
23 8s Tony Schill NASCAR Modifieds Feature
1 99c Cody Campeau NASCAR Pro Stocks Feature
2 18 Willie Johnsen Jr NASCAR Pro Stocks Feature
3 24w Chris Wark NASCAR Pro Stocks Feature
4 17 Mike Loomis NASCAR Pro Stocks Feature
5 22 Dan Nissalke NASCAR Pro Stocks Feature
6 01x Marcus Simonson NASCAR Pro Stocks Feature
7 10 Mike Raboin NASCAR Pro Stocks Feature
8 56 Chad Gullixson NASCAR Pro Stocks Feature
9 17w Ryan Wiome NASCAR Pro Stocks Feature
10 11 Denny Schouveller NASCAR Pro Stocks Feature
11 26 Mike Weber NASCAR Pro Stocks Feature
12 15r Wheeler Blood NASCAR Pro Stocks Feature
13 77j Jason Oftedahl NASCAR Pro Stocks Feature
14 28 Bruce Schouveller NASCAR Pro Stocks Feature
1 33x Justin Freomming NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
2 16 Jason Vandekamp NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
3 15w Alex Williamson NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
4 5s David Swearingen NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
5 2 Gunnar Watkins NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
6 23 Mitch Weiss NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
7 43 Kyle Matuska NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
8 290 Ryan Wetzstein NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
9 22 Jason Haugerud NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
10 36k Jayden Larson NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
11 04n Nick Ayotte NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
12 28 Parker Hale NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
13 18m Mason McEvers NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
14 22p Steve Amundson NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
15 39 Daniel Roatch NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
16 119 Mike Widmann NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
17 22jt Justin Tanner NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
18 18 Kyle Hallin NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
19 11B Mike Boston NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
20 66s Kevin Seidler NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
21 15 Eric Gadach NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
22 11 Seth Scholl NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
23 3 Denny Schott NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
24 68 Nick Lindquist NASCAR Midwest Modifieds Feature
1 2k Jimmy Kouba UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars Feature
2 48 Neal Matuska UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars Feature
3 87 Mike Mueller UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars Feature
4 6 Jake Kouba UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars Feature
5 14 Cam Schafer UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars Feature
6 N1 Ty Sampair UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars Feature
7 16 Anna Hippe UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars Feature
8 7 Scott Brandt UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars Feature
9 15e Caley Emerson UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars Feature
10 99 Bryan Roach UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars Feature
11 95 Kevin Bradwell UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars Feature
12 6L Joe Lallier UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars Feature
13 10 Trevor Serbus UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars Feature
14 90 Tony Klose UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars Feature
15 29 Hunter Custer UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars Feature
16 12 Johnny Parsons Iii UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars Feature
17 93 Brad Peterson UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars Feature
18 12x Blake Anderson UMSS Traditional Sprint Cars Feature