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Annual Battle of the Buses

Thank you for your interest in the Annual Battle of the Buses!

We are thrilled to bring you this great event each year and appreciate the partnership we have with the schools in the community.  Each spring Cedar Lake Speedway donates a full size school bus (just recently retired from driving kids to school) and delivers them to 9 local high schools.  The faculty and kids spend roughly 6 weeks converting the bus to a race bus.  A faculty member then drives the bus in the race.  After bus hot laps and bus "drag races", the first main event for the buses determines who built the fastest bus.  The second and final main event for the buses determines who built not only a fast bus but a strong bus!  

We encourage you to come check out this event if you haven't been there before.  All tickets are sold at the gate night of the event.  It gets busy but we don't sell out so don't worry about getting a seat.  You can also come camp for the night. 

Check out some of the action photos below from previous bus races!  We hope to see you there!

2017 Highlights!

2015 Highlights!

2016 Highlights!

2014 Highlights!