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Nationals Driver Page

Thanks for your interest in the USA Nationals!

We hope this page answers most of your questions about the event and we hope to see you at Cedar Lake Speedway for the annual running of the USA Nationals!

Where is Cedar Lake Speedway?

CLS is located 30 minutes east of Minneapolis/St. Paul in rural New Richmond, Wisconsin. Click HERE for map.

What is the format for the event?

Although this is a World of Outlaw sanctioned event the USA Nationals will utilize our unique race format used in past years. On Friday night each car will have the opportunity to hot lap and qualify their car. The 18 (or 15 if only 5 heats) fastest cars will be inverted into heat races. The top two finishers in each heat race will qualify for the dash. How you finish the dash will determine the starting rows of the USA Nationals. On Saturday, the non qualified cars will be split into equal b-mains based on car count. Cars failing to transfer from the b-mains will have one last chance to make the main event in the LCQ. The top finishers (2 or 3) of the LCQ will tag the tail of the field. 24 cars will qualify for the event. The World of Outlaw provisionals are above the 24 cars that qualify through the procedure above.

What are the rules?

The USA Nationals will utilize the current World of Outlaw rules except when pertaining to exact race format. Click HERE for rules.

What tires are legal at the event?

Only the Hoosier LM40 will be permitted at the event.

What is the purse?

$50,000; $20,000; $10,000; $6,000; $5,000, $4,500; $4,250; $4,000; $3,750; $3,500; $3,250; $3,000; $2,800; $2,650; $2,500; $2,400; $2,300; $2,200; $2,100; $2,075; $2,050; $2,025; $2,010; $2,000.

How much is the entry fee & pit passes?

Car entry fee is $200. Pit passes are $35 on Thursday and Friday & $40 Saturday.

Is their camping at the track?

Camping is nearly sold out at the track but drivers may park & keep their tow rigs in the pit area all weekend. Personal vehicles will not be allowed in the pit area. To reserve a campsite outside the pit area please call 612-363-0479.

Can I bring a souvenir trailer to sell t-shirts?

Please do, we believe this adds to the atmosphere of the event and will make space available. Souvenir row is located behind our main restaurant and serves as a gathering place for race fans looking to buy products from their favorite drivers. Please call 612-363-0479 in advance to let us know you are coming.

Are there hotels nearby?

Yes, we have many hotels in the area however they fill up quickly. Click HERE for a list of nearby hotels.

Past Champions

Billy Moyer 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992 & 1993
Scott Bloomquist 1999, 2003, 2006, 2008, & 2010
Rick Auklund 1991 & 1997
Jack Boggs 1994 & 1995
Dale McDowell 2001 & 2005
Jimmy Mars 1996 & 2009
Brian Birkhofer 2004 & 2007
Donnie Moran 1998
Davey Johnson 2000
Rick Eckert 2002
Josh Richards 2011
Darrell Lanigan 2012

Tim McCreadie 2013

Dirt on Dirt online Pay-Per-View?

This year's event will again be televised via the internet in HD by on a pay-per-view basis. This will provide fans who are unable to visit the USA Nationals the chance to watch the best drivers compete on the raciest track in the nation for nearly a quarter million dollars! Please encourage your fans that cannot make it to the USA Nationals to subscribe to and watch you compete live online.

What is the purse and entry fee for the NASCAR portion of the USA Nationals?

Our local NASCAR late models will run complete shows each night (Friday and Saturday). The A-main purse is as follows:
$2,500; $1,600; $1,100; $900; $800, $600; $500; $400; $375; $350; $340; $330; $320; $310; $300; $290; $280; $270; $260; $255; $250; $250; $250; $250

The car entry fee for the NASCAR Late Model event is $75 for both days ($50 per day).