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2018 Features a $40,000 to win MODIFIED MASTERS on June 14-16, 2018. See below for details on this great event.

Buy your tickets and campsite NOW by clicking on the link below!


Thanks for your interest in the Annual MASTERS event at Cedar Lake Speedway.  The MASTERS features the largest purse of any Modified event in the country with the winner walking away with a check for $40,000!    Below is some info about the event as well as the registration form.  Tickets and campsites are on sale now at  Look forward to seeing you here!

Things to do before the races:

Apple River Tubing- If you haven't tried what has made the Apple River famous you are missing out! Tubing down the river is an experience in itself but add nearly another thousand people and you have a party! For a small fee we provide to and from Float-Rite park and a inner tube to enjoy the day under the sun! We will have you back to the track way before hot laps start!

Driver Autograph and Meet & Greet- Before the races come to souvenir alley and purchase an event t-shirt, your favorite driver's shirt or die-cast and get him to sign it as the top drivers will be their to answer your questions, snap a couple pictures and sign your souvenirs.

Party in the Pits- Rub elbows with your favorite drivers, buy them a beer enjoy the music in the Arena both Thursday and Friday night after the races.

Weekend Schedule of Events:

Thursday Night

6:30 Hot Laps
7:00 Racing

Full program of USMTS Modifieds paying $3,000 to win.

Party in the arena following the races!

Friday Night

8:30 - 11:00 Breakfast served

6:30 Hot Laps
7:00 Heat races and Dash for the $40,000 to win Modified Event

Party in the Arena with Band following the races!

Saturday Night

8:30 Breakfast served in west restaurant
12:00 Apple River Tubing
6:30 Hot Laps
7:00 LCQs, C main, B main, and 70 lap $40,000 to win main event!

Ticket Information

Thursday only $25 Adults, $12 Students, $35 Pits
Friday only $30 Adults, $12 Students, $35 Pits
Saturday only $35 Adults, $17 Students, $45 Pits
Note: Reduced 2 or 3 day advanced tickets available by calling 612-363-0479 if ordered at least 2 days before the event.


USMTS/USRA rules apply with the following variances: Tire permitted is American Racer KK-704 racing tire (no grooving or siping on right rear tire). Chip rule is 8,000 RPM. Five-inch spoiler permitted for all cars. Rest of USMTS/USRA spoiler rules will be in effect. All USMTS/USRA shock, spring and body rules will apply. Weight for USMTS/USRA spec engine, USMTS/USRA, Wissota and IMCA-type flat tappet steel head motors and GM 525 crate (standard USMTS rules will apply) will all be 2,450 pounds. Weight for GM 604 crate, USMTS/USRA or Wissota concept engine will be 2,400 pounds. All other engines with 23-degree heads must be 2,500 pounds. Any engine utilizing heads less than 23 degrees will be 2,550 pounds. If utilizing aluminum heads for either option, must add 25 pounds in front of motor plate. All cars are welcome to run this race. For rules questions email Draw for heat race starting spot on Friday ends 15 minutes before hot laps. RACEceivers and AMB transponders are mandatory and available for rent or purchase at USMTS trailer. See complete USMTS rules at or USRA rules at


Each driver will run two heat races on Friday. Starting positions and drivers will be mixed. Each heat race will feature 12 or more starters for 12 laps, giving drivers the chance to advance as much as possible. USMTS passing points will be combined for the two heat races with the top 12 drivers in overall points locked into Saturday’s “A” Main. The next 12 in points (13th-24th) will be locked into Saturday’s “B” Main, the next 12 drivers (25th- 36th) will be locked into Saturday’s “C” Main and the remainder will run in “Last Chance” races on Saturday. Top 14 finishers from the LCQ races will join the 12 already qualified drivers from Friday in the C-main.  Top 14 finishers from the C-main will join the 12 already qualified cars in the B-main.  Top 14 finishers in the B main will join the 12 cars already qualified or the A-main bringing the total field to 26 starters battling 70 laps or a $40,000 pay day.  Promoter reserves the right to adjust qualifying procedures due to unforeseen circumstances or weather conditions.


If Thursday rains out, Thursday event is cancelled and refunds will be issued. If Friday rains out, we will run it at 1 p.m. Saturday followed by the regular Saturday show at 6 p.m.  B Main and C Main Purse is the exact same.  A main spots will be 80% of the amounts below.  If Saturday rains out, we will run Sunday.  B Main and C Main Purse is the exact same.  A main spots will be 80% of the amounts below.  If both Friday and Saturday rain out, will either issue refunds or reschedule event for late September.


“A” MAIN: 1. $40,000, 2. $20,000, 3. $10,000, 4. $6000, 5. $5000, 6. $4000, 7. $3500, 8. $3250, 9. $3000, 10. $2800, 11. $2650, 12. $2500, 13. $2400, 14. $2300, 15. $2200, 16. $2100, 17. $2075, 18. $2050, 19. $2040, 20. $2030, 21. $2025, 22. $2020, 23. $2015, 24. $2010, 25. $2005, 26. $2000.

“B” MAIN: 1-14. advance, 15. $1,000, 16. $750, 17. $650, 18. $600, $500 minimum to start.

“C” MAIN: 1-14. advance, 15. $450, 16. $400, 17. $375, $350 minimum to start.

LAST CHANCE RACES: 1-6. advance, 7. $325, 8. $300, 9. $275, 10. $250, 11. $225, $200 minimum for all non-qualifiers.


“A” MAIN: 1. $500, 2. $350, 3. $325, 4. $250, 5. $175, 6. $150, 7. $150, 8. $150, 9. $125, 10. $125, 11. $125, 12. $125, 13. $125, 14. $125, 15. $125, 16. $125, 17. $125, 18. $125, 19. $125, 20+. $100

Driver Registration: Click the link below