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Cedar Lake Speedway has nearly 200,000 people go through its gates each season. These people are at the Speedway for numerous hours each event and have shown a tremendous amount of support and dedication to the companies that support us. We have numerous opportunities where we can partner with you to help grow your businesses and have you help us grow ours. Our sponsors include some of the largest companies in the world (Dodge, Pepsi, GoodYear, etc.) as well as local companies (RJR Motorsports, Impact Printing, Amsoil, etc.).

If you are interested in becoming part of the Cedar Lake Speedway team or simply would like more information, please call Bob or Steph. We are confident we can provide you a customized solution with great opportunities and significant value for partnering with us! Call today.

Bob .

Phone: 612-210-8182

Steph .

Phone: 612-363-0479

To view some of the packages we are currently offering at special rates, click on the .pdf below.