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Race Procedures

Rules and Procedures

General rules:

No open flames in the pit area
No wet tires in staging area
No hot boxes in the pit area


Racing Procedure:


Green Flag: GO!

Yellow Flag: Slow down and hold your positions on the track

Red Flag: Stop immediately 

Black Flag: Rolled up it means a warning for rough driving, waving it means your are to pull off the race track immediately

White Flag: One lap to go

Checkered Flag: Race is over


Starts and restarts will be started by the cone in turn 4.

Rookie cage and JR sportsman will be grid type start.


If a driver causes 2 cautions in a race they will be asked to leave the race track. 


No rough driving, competitors will be given a warning and the 2nd time DQ'ed from the race and possibly the rest of the event.


No fighting!

Karts will have (2) 8 lap heat races and feature races will be 15(JR classes will be 12 laps)
Quarter midgets will run (2) 10 lap heat races and a 20 lap feature
Micro Sprints will run (2) 8 lap heat races and a 15 lap feature
Slingshots will run (2) 8 lap heat races and a 15 lap 


The first heat is determine by draw and the 2nd heat is inverted from the first.

Top 4 drivers from the heat race points will be inverted for the feature. 5th on back will be lined up according to their heat race point totals.


Top 3 karts/cars will be weighed after the feature events. If your kart/car does not meet minimum weight you will be DQ'ED from that event.